Why I want to become Oracle DBA

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Why I want to become Oracle DBA?

A primary query in mind of every student about Oracle DBA career building.

Why I need to do Oracle DBAWhen you have this kind of question in your mind then easiest reply is “get training”. But it is not sufficient reply. We need to ask our student about why he or she wants to be Oracle DBA? Many of students don’t be able to provide satisfactory answer of this. There are numbers of reasons behind this issue.

One of the common replies is one of my friends suggested to do Oracle database administration course. In this regards, candidate doesn’t know what is Oracle database administration but he or she got reference of this course ware and after researching he contacted me. There is possibility that candidate doesn’t have any awareness of concept of database administration.

Another common reply is student doesn’t have interest in coding and programming and he or she got reference that in Oracle DBA course, there is no requirement of coding. Yes it is somehow true but not always true. If you are appointed as development DBA then you need to understand coding too.

Main and most common reason is earning more in Oracle DBA career. I don’t understand why people are assuming this. There are lots of another career options existing where you can earn more than Oracle DBA. It means, you are misguided and don’t trust anybody for creating any dream of unauthenticated assumption.

If you want to get success in any skill in your career then you should need to create strong interest in your field. If you have passion then you will get success. For getting success in any field, everyone will advise you to do hard work but I am not suggesting hard work only. You can get success while you will be able to do some smart work. Without smart work, you won’t get success. Create strong interest in your skill and using smart work technique you can get easy success in any of skill including Oracle DBA, System administrator, Programmer, Developer, or Designer. If you need more guidance and help you can get it from goo.gl/UGQk2o or you can more detail from giteshtrivedi’s blog.

In my next article, I will provide you easiest ways to become an Oracle DBA. Wish you all the best.

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