Arrogant Nature of Oracle DBA Faculty

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“Dominant Nature of Oracle DBA Trainer Because of Ego”

arrogant Oracle DBAWhile we are in teaching field we need to eliminate our ego and arrogant nature. These both are killers of student confidence. I already written an article about we need to understand every student for his or her weaknesses and strengths. We need to provide accurate knowledge how to eliminate weakness and how to improve strength. Using this skill, student will be able to perform well in every domain.

Yesterday, I got complain about one of faculty from professional institute which is offering Oracle DBA courses from last couple of years. Student was complaining me about arrogant and dominant nature of faculty where he was getting training of Oracle DBA. Due to this kind of nature of faculty student left classes and approached me. During our phone communication he gave me so many hints. He didn’t know that I already familiar with all guys who are in teaching field in my city from any of institute because I in this field from last 17 years. After call, he came to me and we got personal discussion. He complained me that when he raised any query during classroom that faculty became agree and tried to avoid him. I wondered. After getting expertise people gets ego and it is human behavior. But we need to destroy this ego during our teaching session.

If you don’t want to eliminate your ego and arrogant nature then you should not go to teaching line. Every student is paying fee for obtaining more knowledge from you. Querying and questioning are best tools for getting more knowledge. If you are not capacity to fulfill any query then you are not capable in teaching field. You should need to retire yourself from this line.
Off course, this is my personal opinion. But sometimes, we are harming student and decreasing confidence. After spending lot of money when student doesn’t get anything and go for building career without confidence then who is responsible? Off course, we are responsible for our student’s failure if we didn’t be able to build proper confidence.
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